About The Model Experience

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My Links To The Industry

As an international model myself, working with some of the biggest brand names and companies in the world, I have been fortunate enough to have had a very positive and successful experience within this busy and exciting industry, but over the past decade or so, I have noticed with growing concern that it is developing a bad name due to online companies who create a false impression of being an agency, or having genuine links to agencies, and scamming potential models and their supportive parents out of thousands of pounds without any hope of a return whatsoever. Because of this, it’s important to me to that I assure you upfront of my genuine ability, due to my position in the industry, to get your images seen by the most influential people possible. These major agencies receive hundreds of enquiries a week from potential models, and whilst naturally I cannot guarantee their final decision, I can guarantee that if an agency receives images directly from me, they will be seen by some of the most career changing professionals in the industry. I am blessed to be able to truly offer what these scam companies claim to promise, but before you consider whether to book your shoot with me, please feel free to read and listen to what hundreds of my previous clients have to say about me:

We felt comfortable leaving our daughter alone with Matt and Zena, they created a lovely atmosphere and answered all our questions that we had. All in all a completely wonderful experience, that we’d happily do all over again.
After having our fair share of scams, it’s so wonderful to finally go to a place which is professional, affordable and gives our daughter a chance in the industry, that she’s wanted for such a long time.

Mr and Mrs Palmer


 My Business Ethos

Due to my passion to create a totally upfront, honest and transparent way for models to get the experience, inside industry knowledge and portfolio needed to take their first steps in to the world of modelling, The Model Experience offers workshops which include some the most beneficial, up to date and industry-relevant advice and tips which are specifically based on my own two decades of experience. And for those clients wishing to simply gain some extra confidence and/or have a fun photoshoot either alone, with friends/family or as part of a hen do, this transparency is just as relevant. I will never add hidden costs to your overall fee, what you see will always be what you get, and you will leave having received the best treatment possible! This job is my passion and our reputation is based on hundreds of positive experiences.

Freeing Up Your Time And Money

The main hub of the modelling industry is based in London so The Model Experience is lucky enough to be able to offer potential models from further north the opportunity to discover whether they have what it takes to be a model, as well as receive relevant training in the fundamental basics and beyond, prior to them paying out for the expense of travelling to, and staying in London. I know of so many model hopefuls who headed straight to London on a whim without knowing if they had what it took, and were then left vulnerable to scam artists and severely out of pocket with nothing to show for it. The uniqueness of the The Model Experience is that you can trust us to let you know in advance whether you have a genuine chance at succeeding as a model based on relevant and current agency requirements; knowing that our clients trust us is at the crux of our business.

My Experience And You

The experience I have gained as a model allows me to guide my clients in a truly unique way throughout both our workshops and photoshoots, as it is so rare to find a commercial photographer who understands the mindset and requirements of a model alongside possessing the technical and creative flair of a photographer. This means that I will not only create beautiful images for you to treasure, but I can direct you clearly and simply when required during your session, no matter whether you are building a professional portfolio or creating a family portrait of twenty. This guidance will allow you to feel comfortable and confident throughout and able to do an incredible job, meaning I can capture your ‘best side’ easily every time!

Regardless of whether you are looking to become a professional model or you are simply looking for a fun and glamorous day out for you and some friends, The Model Experience is passionate about making your photographic dreams come true. From my professional experience on both sides of the lens, I know how to create a successful and enjoyable photoshoot so you can be sure to leave with a smile on your face, some amazing memories and plenty of images which you can be proud of for a life time.