Want to become a model? The Model Experience Uk model class is for you!

Amy, now signed by top model agencies after coming to the model class here at The Model Experience Uk in Leeds.

Amy, now signed by top model agencies after coming to the model class here at The Model Experience Uk in Leeds.

So are you struggling to achieve your aim of becoming a full time model? Can’t get your pictures in front of the right people? Sick of getting requests from photographers who promise you the world?

Well, thankfully, I might have the answer for you without having to outlay £100’s….read on!

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22 years ago when i started modelling i was sent on a course by the model agency i joined….it was £400 (ouch!) and i’m not sure i learnt anything that, with hindsight, was of any use to me. But i knew the idea of it was great….learning from people who have been there, done that and bought several t-shirts….ME!

Freya, the most natural model i've seen in months…started on the model class at The Model Experience Uk in Leeds.

Freya, the most natural model i’ve seen in months…started on the model class at The Model Experience Uk in Leeds.

I learnt how to walk gracefully downstairs, how to apply a bit of cover up to conceal spots, and how to catwalk…..yes the catwalk was useful but realistically its only a small part of working life. What i wanted to learn was… how do i pose, how do i move, what do i take to a job, how do i get more agencies???

So thats exactly what i’m doing now with my regular monthly model classes… the key ingredients of becoming a model. Whether you want to become a female model, become a male model, become a teen model, become a child model or become a plus size model….you need to learn how to pose!  I would say 95% of my work over 22 years has been photographic. Its imperative you know how to pose, move, smile, not smile….i’ve found over the years that if you do your job well for a client or photographer, then that client could easily use you for a year, 5 years, even 10 years.

I teach models how to pose, how to relax in front of people, how to banish those nerves, how to deliver what you have been asked to do. I normally get models to bring 5 or 6 different outfits so through the session, we can shoot different ways, in different clothes….this way the model leaves the session with at least 5 or 6 pro shots to add to their portfolios.

I also discuss model agencies….some people prefer to be freelance, and i understand that as they may have had back experiences with so-called “agencies”, but let me tell you, if you want to model for top clothing brands, sports brands, holiday companies etc etc, then you need to get with an agency, or agencies. So, an agency in Leeds, how many enquires do they get every week to become a model???

It’s about 500, which is staggering! I’ve heard people say “i sent my shots off but they never got back to me!”. Well let me tell you why, its simply because they don’t have time to go through them all so LOADS of potentially amazing models will get missed. Then the models send them to “lesser agencies”, these “agencies” spot an opportunity and take everyone on board (but you have to have a £500 shoot first!). Rubbish!

I’m sick of dealing with enquires with models saying “i’ve joined Whiptidoo Models but i’ve not heard from them in over year!”….What, over a year!!! Let me tell you, if i don’t hear form my agencies most weeks then i’m not happy. The places people join make there money from the shoots, then you never hear from them again….proper agencies earn money form your jobs!

People love to say i’m with whoever models…if you aren’t with a proper reputable agency then don’t bother at all. And this is where my UNIQUE SELLING POINT comes in….if i send your pictures off to the top agencies, they will look at them as a courtesy for me. So, i can guarantee that the agencies will see the pictures, but i can’t guarantee what they will say. Last week i had 16 models placed with great agencies…i don’t get anything for that, its just part of the service.

The last model class in Leeds, 60% of the models were taken on by reputable agencies….i don’t bother with lesser agencies, and i suggest you don’t too.

I also discuss things like…tv extra work, promo work, being self employed, how to be proactive as a model, tips i’ve learned over the years…all done in a fun relaxed environment. Click on the link to see what people have already said about the classes…  http://www.themodelexperienceuk.com/model-class/

I have placed models aged from 11 – 46 with agencies from the classes, the agencies listen to me and my opinion, but as i said earlier, they make the final decision and not me!

Lets summarise, you get a model class session with me, 5 or 6 different pro shots to start or add to your portfolio, you get my 22 years of experience to tap into, i show pictures to the best agencies for you…and you’ll have a whale of a time too.

The classes are only £75 for the half day….i do under 16’s and over 16’s sessions (and that includes the FREE 5 or 6 shots!)

Read what my customers say about me here…i can’t make these up, these are real reviews …


Here is a list of dates and times for you…get booked and start your modelling career here!

Saturday 3rd October  –   LEEDS  –  Over 16’s 11-00 to 2-00,  Under 16’s 2-00 to 4-30.

Sunday 8th November  –   LEEDS  –  Over 16’s 11-00 to 2-00,  Under 16’s 2-00 to 4-30.

Saturday 5th December  –   LEEDS  –  Over 16’s 11-00 to 2-00,  Under 16’s 2-00 to 4-30.

Saturday 9th Jan 2016   –   LEEDS  –  Over 16’s 11-00 to 2-00,  Under 16’s 2-00 to 4-30


ONLY a £25 deposit to secure a place, maybe buy someone it as a gift….lets remember, your modelling career could start right here!!!

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