The Overview

The world of modelling is such an exciting and thrilling ride; from the glamorous photoshoots with professional hair stylists and make up artists flocking around you, whose soul job it is to make you look incredible, to the catwalks, beautiful clothing, national and international travel and of course the money!

It is this type of fantasy image which makes the thought of breaking into the industry so tempting to the many, many men and women who dream of becoming a model, and luckily for them, there is so much more opportunity and scope to do so nowadays when compared to the classic era of the tall, thin and shockingly beautiful editorial ‘Supermodels’.

Naturally there is still the editorial category of model, who are generally used for high end advertising and designer catwalk shows, but alongside them, we have the commercial category of model. Within both the Editorial and Commercial areas, you will find plus size models, child models, male models, female models and teen models.

You will find that commercial modelling requires a more ‘down to earth’, approachable look and would, for example be used for magazine adverts, catalogues, film extras and modelling fashion on day time TV.

With this abundance of areas to model in, jobs spring up constantly and agencies and clients alike are clamouring for the right faces and bodies to fill their wide range of jobs. Generally speaking, London is the hub of both the editorial and commercial modelling, whereas, as you fan out in to the rest of the UK, agencies tend to focus on the commercial market.

How To Find Your Agency

There are many agencies out there, some of which are worth signing up to and some of which are not to be trusted. Keep this in mind when you are looking to become a model; it is certainly worth doing a back check before you sign to anyone who approaches you or anyone you apply to directly.

Things to check when looking to become a model include:

  • Reviews and/or complaints of the company
  • The type of models they represent
  • The type of work they book for
  • The calibre of clients they have
  • Some companies act like an agency but are money making scams. Tip:
  • If you cannot see signed models on their website then most likely they are not an agency. Keep away!

The Model Experience was founded by international model, Matt Bates, who, with over two decades working as a successful editorial and commercial model, is full of advice and tips for his clients on ensuring they pick the right agency and that they do not end up being scammed out of hundreds of pounds of money. Although The Model Experience is not an agency, Matt does work closely with the top agencies out there, both as a model and as a scout and as such, if we feel that you have the requirements to succeed in the modelling industry we are very happy to send the images we take through to some of the most well known agencies in the modelling world directly for you (with no charge of course!)

Note: A reputable agency will never ask for a sign up or administration fee – if they want you they will sign you up for free and take their payment as commision on the jobs they get you – so if the question of money arises before you are working for them then keep away!

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