Become a Female Model

How to become a Female Model

There is more to becoming a model than sharp cheekbones, especially when it comes to the commercial sector. The ‘girl next door’ Look has the potential to earn just as highly as the editorial female models, but it tends to come down to a number of factors.

  1. Do you look after yourself? Living a healthy life, eating well, exercising, drinking plenty of water and generally keeping yourself balanced ensure you will have bags of necessary energy and high spirits on long shoots.
  2. Is your confidence based on other people telling you that you are pretty or that you could be a model? If this is the basis for your confidence then it will be a bumpy ride if you don’t get booked for a job. You need to start building on your inner confidence so that when you become a model you are able to take the rough with the smooth.
  3. How is your smile? Photoshop is an amazing tool for whitening those teeth, but often in the female modelling industry, smiling is less about how you look and more about how you come across. If you are not quick to smile and tend to walk around with a pout or scowl then chances are you are not going to be remembered by the casting directors. A smile can take you a long way to becoming a model, so get practising!
  4. Are you bright, cheerful and friendly? Being a model with a great personality is often the key to getting re-booked – sometimes for years to come.

All this and more can be learnt and developed during a session with The Model Experience. It’s founder, Matt Bates is a long time international model with over two decades in the industry so he knows what agencies are looking for from their female models having worked with many of them over the years.

During a 1-2-1 portfolio shoot, Matt will help raise your confidence

start to develop your ability to pose and pass on his invaluable industry secrets. Once you are happy with your new or updated portfolio, he will send it to agency directors for you. These agencies receive hundreds of portfolios a week, but receiving one from Matt ensures that yours is seen


If you are still unsure if modelling is for you, then booking on to our Model Masterclass which will give you a taster of what becoming a model entails and show you whether it is the right career path for you.

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    Photo Shoot


    • Include up to 10 outfits
    • Style consultation
    • 30-40 Edited image on disk
    • Colour and B&W Copy
    • EXTRA £25.00 for hair/makeup
    • Pay Full £250
    • Pay Deposit £50

    Photo Shoot XL


    • Include up to 10 outfits
    • Style consultation
    • 60-70 Edited image on disk
    • Colour and B&W Copy
    • EXTRA £25.00 for hair/makeup
    • Pay Full £350
    • Pay Deposit £50

    Personal Website

    Just £150.00 For a Personal Model Portfolio Website

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