THE PROFESSIONAL MODEL MAKE UP KIT…with massive 20% discount.


I am pleased to be able to offer a superb deal on a collection of great professional make up. How do I know its amazing…well I see the make up artists I use in the studio using it on the models and ladies all the time.

I have various products and packages available, all aimed at giving you the polished look of female supermodels.

Using a mixture of the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks (normally £16.50), LA GIRL HD High Definition concealer (should be £9.00), the Original Beauty Blender (which modernises the way you put your make up on…should cost £16.00), then refine it further with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval blending brush (the product that is taking the world by storm…usually £20). So what do you need afterwards?

Well its simple, the Magic Original make up eraser towel (priced at £16.50)…why spend hours with lotions and potions when this towel will save you lots of time…and more importantly lots of money!

I only use the best make up artists for my shoots, whether that be on a model portfolio shoot, a family shoot or children shoot…and I insist they only use the best make up.

So accept no substitutes and get yourself the supermodel look?

All this should be £78.00 but is yours for ONLY £62.40 !!! (plus £2.95 P&P)